IR35 Calculator

Use our IR35 calculator to assess the risk of being inside of IR35 and a subsequent investigation from HMRC.

This calculator should be used as guidance only, which highlights your risk - always consult an expert if you have any questions.

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If you were unable to provide the services personally, would your company be able to send a substitute with equivalent skills, qualifications and experience?

Have you ever actually provided a substitute?

Do you carry out any of the services from your own office?

Does your company have to work set hours stipulated by your client?

Other than observing client specifications, are you told how to do the work?

Do you need to seek permission from your client to take time off?

Are you obliged to carry out tasks not covered within the scope of your contract?

Does your notice period exceed 30 days?

Does your company carry any business insurances? EL, PL, PI etc...

Is your company financially liable to correct any faulty work?

Were you ever a permanent employee of your end client?

Do you have any line management responsibilities over client staff - appraisals, disciplinary etc?

Do you have an 'office holder' position within the client's organisation (director, chairman) with high level managerial responsibilities, such as control over budgets etc?

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